Hot New Track: Alvin Risk – Cities

This coming Tuesday, Skrillex’s OWSLA – one of the labels of the moment – are set to release a free compilation entitled OWSLA Presents Free Treats Vol. 2, which will include brand new tracks from KOAN Sound featuring Foreign Beggars, Plastician, as well as this very special contribution from one of my favourite producers right now, Alvin Risk. I managed to get this cut from a show that the aforementioned KOAN Sound did on Hivemind FM back in August of last year, which you can listen to in full HERE. Surprisingly little was made of it, especially considering he’s now one of the hottest up and comers in the EDM scene.

This doesn’t follow in the same vein as recent moombahton styled material, since it is a far darker effort, with intricate and echoing bass presiding over an almost future-garage style beat. Just goes to show how versatile and talented this guy is.

No words can describe how much I love this guy’s production. Watch out for his new EP when it drops, it’s likely to be an absolute smash.

2 responses to “Hot New Track: Alvin Risk – Cities

  1. OWSLA Presents Free Treats Vol. 2 Track listing;
    anything else on here worth checking out ?

    1. KOAN Sound feat. Foreign Beggars – Look Who’s Back
    2. The Juggernaut- Chess Fight
    3. Skrillex – Ruffneck (FULL Flex) (Munchi Anonymous Revolution Remix)
    4. Porter Robinson – Vandalism (12th Planet Remix)
    5. Sazon Booya feat. Anna Yvette – Secret Heart
    6. Nick Thayer – Wake Up Call
    7. Plastician – Alone Time
    8. Bare Noize & Zardonic – Kill The Silence
    9. J. Rabbit – A Shot Of Bruschotti
    10. Flinch feat. Jamtech Foundation – Bad Boy
    11. Alvin Risk – Cities
    12. Topher Jones – Brohammer
    13. Child In Disguise – The Drifter
    14. The M Machine – No Fun Intended
    15. Ghastly! feat. Arielle Williams – Funky Flex
    16. culineR – Glowing Owl
    17. Stratus – All For This
    18. Style of Eye – Devastate
    19. Two Fresh – Leaving Here

    • Definitely worth checking out Track 1, KOAN Sound with Foreign Beggars. I’ve got a massive amount of love for KOAN and they’ve got a really distinct sound, check out Funk Blaster by them and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Had a listen to a live preview of the Ruff Neck remix and it sounds pretty cool. Haven’t heard a chance to check out the other stuff really, but going by past releases, Porter Robinson, Plastician and Flinch in particular are all worth checking out. Heard good things about Nick Thayer as well. It’s OWSLA, and I’m pretty sure they haven’t released anything bad in their entire time.. plus it’s free!

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