The Future of Soundhall…

soundhall eclipse recBeen a little while since I (Ryan) posted up anything of any real substance on here, so felt obliged to give you guys a bit of an explanation as to why that’s been the case. I’ve been running this ship (can we call it a ship? Let’s call it a ship) for just over a year now, and the past few months have been weird as I have paid next to no attention to the site during that time. A combination of laziness, running another-sort-of-ship in the form of Soundhall Records and other stuff have led to a lack of content being posted on here on my part, and it’s not something I’ve been particularly content with. The other writers, however (Will and Luke in particular) have been putting me to shame, so big thanks to them.

It is with a notable sadness that I’ve chosen to put an end to the blog as it stands. We’ve been at this a year, and it feels necessary to take a step back, re-assess and come back next year with a new game plan and some new stuff in the locker. We’re working on some stuff right now, and I’ll be blunt with you and let you know what we’re working on…

  • Overwrite Magazine – an online publication that will be geared mainly towards music-related goings-on. Expect that to rear its fresh-faced head around about Summer.
  • Continuation of Soundhall Records – got the next 3/4 releases basically locked down, which will be dropping – one a month – in the new year. Hopefully you can expect tunes to come in a variety of formats (yes physical), once we’ve raised the funds, along with a few free downloads sprinkled here and there. ALSO watch out for our collaborative free compilation with Aliasizm that’s dropping on Christmas Eve.
  • Very early planning stage of a next-gen music blog/streaming service that will, if we can get everything all sorted, be ready at some point next year.

On a personal level, while the Soundhall blog gets its bus pass and spends its afternoons watching Countdown, you’ll be able to catch me blogging over at the following places…

  • The House of Coxhead – a fantastic site that I’ve written for the in the past, going to resume my service over there
  • The Urban Playlist – I’ll be head honcho of the Introducing section of the newly-founded site, which is run meticulously by the lovely Tiffany Calver
  • Details Of My Life – Notorious leader of the rip game, Mark runs a tight ship (stupid fucking ships) over there, and again, I plan on resuming blogging over there. He’s got a pretty badass redesign almost ready to go out, which is gonna change the game.

We’ll probably still be sharing tunes over on our Facebook from time to time, so head over HERE for that. Also, the reason we’re doing this is so that we can create the best content for you guys, so if there’s anything you think we’ve missed or want us to implement, please do let us know via the comments below/Facebook/Twitter/email (

Thanks for your support over the past year or so, and we’ll see you guys soon!

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