MTV’s Brand New For 2013 HMV Forum Show Preview

Tomorrow night, Soundhall will be in attendance at HMV Forum for MTV’s Brand New For 2013 show! With headliner DJ Fresh, being supported by Brand New nominees K Koke, and Rascals, it kind of sounds like a very bloody good night ahead.

The whole process of MTV’s Brand New Unsigned kicked off back on September 6th, with Labrinth playing up at an Armani store on Bond Street. Since then over 500 unsigned groups and artists alike, were cut down to 309 and a public vote was opened. Coming from that, it’s been further whittled down to just 20.  The unsigned winner will eventually be placed into the shortlist of MTV’s overall hot tip poll for the next year – in Brand New For 2013. A poll which has already highlighted artists like Tinie, Wretch, Ellie Goulding, and and some nobody called Adele… So, as Ron Burgundy would say, it’s kind of a big deal.

The winner of the Unsigned section of the Brand New campaign will be announced tomorrow night – at the HMV Forum! Up in contention are a bunch of talented artists such as Danny Shah, Ebony Day and Shakka – who we’ve featured a few times here! You’ll be able to find out how the night went, along with who won sometime tomorrow here at Soundhall – with a review going up for The Unsigned Guide and MTV. It’s kind of a big deal for us too.

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