Zane Lowe’s 100 Hottest Records of 2012 – Choose Yours!

It’s around this time of year that us music sites put out their top 3s, 10s, 20s, 100s… you get the idea, of the year just passed, and 2012 has seen some unbelievably good music released – some not so much I guess. Daytime radio can get stick for repeating Maroon 5 and Katy Perry through the year, but get to the evenings, and Radio 1 and 1xtra come into their prime. Zane Lowe and Mistajam premiers are frequently blogged up here at Soundhall, so it feels right that we should show some support back.

Over at Zane Lowe’s blog, he’s selected a shortlist of 100 ‘Hottest Records In The World‘, and it’s left up to us – the general, yet informed public, to choose what track should top the other 99. For me (Will, not Ryan I’ll point out) it was between Disclousre, Rudimental and Plan B, and in the end I opted for “ill Manors” – purely for it being, in my eyes, the rawest, most provoking and meaningful track put out this year, whilst still maintaining incredible production, from the spine-tingling start to the angered end.

There’s so many tracks to pick from (100, funnily enough) but I guarantee it will not be a easy choice to make. But it really does show how good 2012 has been. Stay tuned for Soundhall’s ‘Top However Many Tracks’ – which will presumably come next month sometime.

You can vote here!

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