Cazzette – Beam Me Up


This week, Swedish duo Cazzette, the young protégés of Ash Pournouri’s label ‘At Night Management’ (home to Avicii), launched the first part of their debut album ‘Eject‘ on Spotify, with the downloadable version to follow.

A 6 track effort, part 1 is an full on onslaught of the Dub-House sound the duo have become instantly recognisable for. It is however, lead track ‘Beam Me Up‘ that is the stand out effort.

The track kicks off with a euphoric and chilling vocal, before the first cry of “BEAM ME UP” is emitted and, their famous hoover sound kicks in, and the track drops straight into full throttle and unrelenting blast of high energy EDM gold.

Personally, I haven’t been more excited about a debut track all year, and this does not disappoint!

To sum the track up, it’s packed with heavy drops and hard hitting bass, it’s catchy, infectious, and if you enjoy it as much as me, will have you raving in your lounge!

The video is a brilliant effort too, seemingly taking inspiration 2009 film ‘District 9‘ featuring 2 floating ‘Cazzette flying saucers’ sending the world into a dancing trance, before leading them towards a music festival, where at the 2nd drop, the track really kicks off!

With the video recently being picked up by promotion service Vevo, and with the resources of At Night behind it, it seems this track is destined for big things!

You can listen to part of of ‘Eject’ on Spotify here.

Check out the video for ‘Beam Me Up‘ below!

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