Overwrite Magazine

Hi, I’m Will. (vague attempt at an Inbetweeneres reference, forgive me)

To anyone beginning to read this call for support, I’m one of the writers for Soundhall and have been since around June. I was doing my own similar thing, but Ryan was basically doing it better, so it could be seen as a bandwagon was hopped upon. With over 100,000 views in practically a year, and an associated record label, the Soundhall name is something special and will keep growing.

When I pitched the idea of setting up an online magazine under the Soundhall collective, we both agreed it was worth perusing – under a different name however (Too many ‘Soundhall‘ branches may confuse you all), so that’s what the title is about. Overwrite Magazine.

What this post is, is a call to anyone wanting to be involved in journalism, preferably music based, or just anyone who has a real passion for music, in view to become involved with Overwrite – I know there’s a lot of Soundhall visitors who are. Obviously it doesn’t need to be just writing and interviewing though! Production is something we’re going to definitely need help with, camera work also, you name it! Anything you feel you can bring to the mag just email us [below] and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you.

I thank you for allowing me to probably waste your time.

Cheers though, get involved!


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