Random Impulse Storms Barfly

| Review | Random Impulse | Camden Barfly | 10th October 2012 |

Last time I’d attended a night at Barfly was for a obscure Rizzle Kicks gig, and that was last summer. Look where they’re now, a very successful debut album and extensive sold out tours. So step forward an artist who’s supported them on one of those said tours – Random Impulse (Jovel Walker), with his first headline show. A unique mix of grime and rock, guitar riffs and fast, hard, unrelenting delivery which reached every corner of the magnificently small venue last night. As a first headline gig, Jovel thought a loosely-followed set-list would be a good idea, but even with that, quick debates between him and the band sorted out the next song to be played. At one point, the bass started which then forced Jovel into playing a instrumental version of The Prodigy’sInvaders Must Die” – which I’m very bloody glad he agreed to. His own songs, also, sounded in the ideal middle of raw and strong. “On A Roll” got the crown on a roll (I’m so sorry for that), “Still They Sing“, “Put It On My Card” and “Overload” all packed a punch heavier than many artists, and ending of the ‘anything-but-slow’ “Greatest Party Ever” is undoubtedly a terrific finish.

My favourite moment was when instead of walking off stage then back on for an encore, they all just knelt down and stood back up again, and just continued. That’s the thing with a smaller venue, it gives much greater feel for fans, for instance being so close to the stage. A stage which would only reach Warwick Davis’ knees. Jovel was walking around the downstairs bar beforehand talking to a few people, and it’s just such a welcome change to Arena tours – you feel much more involved and connected at sets like these. In all, it was the best un-organised gig you could’ve seen in a long while. But who needs organisation when you’ve got songs like “I Don’t Really Care“?


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