An Interview With… pennybirdrabbit

Straight out of the vibrant and (appropriately) colourful LA scene steps irresistably quirky singer/songwriter pennybirdrabbit, who is fresh from releasing her treehouse EP, a beautifully written and composed four-track record that puts her dance associations aside, and instead opts for largely down-tempo pop gems. I seized at the chance to pick Penny’s brain about her name, post-Skrillexism, and Blake Anderson. Catch the interview in full below, and be sure to download the aforementioned free EP HERE.

Hi Penny! Why don’t you introduce yourself to all the people who may not be familiar with who you are/what you do…?

Hi. I’m Penny. I make alien-elf like treehouse music on my computer.

What was the inspiration behind the name ‘pennybirdrabbit’?

I’m Penny, and I’m a bird rabbit. Haha.

For how long have you been a musician in the professional sense of the word… what inspired you to make a living through singing?

I’m not really even sure. I don’t know when it was that creating music as a living or as a career became a real option you know? I’m still just a tiny creature in a downtown LA loft, writing sad love songs. Nothing in my life has changed. I just don’t know what else I’d be doing if it wasn’t this. At the end of the day, it’s all that’s real that I have. I don’t know any other way to function.

You must get asked this a heck of a lot, so I’m gonna get it out the way. A lot of people will recognize you from your collaboration with Skrillex, “All I Ask of You”. Do you look back on that track with fond memories?

Of course I do, with all my tiny heart.

Do you appreciate all the promo that that track has given your new material? Or have you kind of got worries about just being referred to “the girl from that Skrillex song”?

After that song/EP was put out, I chose to wait a really long time to release my own music so that when I did finally put something of my own into the world it would stand separate. There was a lot of discussion after All I Ask of You was released about accepting other feature offers, because they came. But it just made sense for me to wait, so I could be myself, and not be known as the girl who does dance track features. But I also don’t feel like the girl from that Skrillex song. I feel like Penny.

Who/what inspires you when you write your songs?

I really only know how to write songs about my life. And maybe it’s cliché or a little sappy, but my songs are all the little moments of my life that I refuse let go of. Writing songs for me, is more like writing about a time or place or person even, and creating a world where that can exist forever, and not for anyone else, but selfishly only for me. The hope then is that someone can relate to it.

How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Postal service knock-off.

As mentioned before, you released your EP a few weeks ago for free… with file sharing almost becoming the norm and people like Pretty Lights giving away their entire back catalogue for free, are further free releases something that you’ll look into in the future?

Yes. I’m very excited to be putting out another free group of tunes in the next few months. 

Tell us one thing most people don’t know about you…

I collect refrigerator magnets.

Here’s some free advertising space, you can use/abuse it as much as you want to…

What’s up Blake Anderson?

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