Producer Showcase: DuckworthSound


This week, via the medium of Twitter, I stumbled across 16 year old Luke Duckworth from Middlesex. Under the guise DuckworthSound this young lad works as a producer and DJ, making hard hitting house tracks that will blow your socks off. After listening to a few of his tracks, I got in touch with Luke to hook up with him for the latest installment of our ‘Producer Showcase’ series, which will give you an insight into what goes on in the minds of some of the most talented young producers around. This lad hasn’t been in the game long, but based on current efforts there may well be a bright future ahead for DuckworthSound, check out my interview with Luke below to learn a little more about what he’s all about!

“For those who aren’t familiar to you and your music, give us a quick introduction to yourself”

Hi I’m Luke Duckworth I just recently turned 16 and I’m from Stanwell, Middlesex. I go by the name DuckworthSound.

“How would you describe your sound?”

Well I’m still experimenting with many genre’s within the Electronic Dance Music world, my sound is usually 128/130 bpm and has house music roots. However I like to think of my music to be very auteur, unique, as I usually bring in high dutch style sounds and completely different second part drops and sometimes play about with some half time. I like to think of my music all under the ‘DuckworthSound’ category, as it’s in some ways unique and in my own style.

“When did you first start making music?”

I began making music just under a year ago, I had been DJ’ing for just over a year when a friend said if I have ever thought about making my own stuff to play at house parties and gigs I was doing. I was all for it, only problem was, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, I’m not ashamed to admit it either, I had no musical experience before this, played no instruments, and technical talk to me was just jargon. But I have played about with what I think sounds right for the first 6 months and then finally began to make slightly more professional style sounds. I have taught myself the piano and now have a slightly better understanding to music producing. I still have no clue about the technical jargon though!

“For our resident techies, what’s your set up?”

For DJ’ing I have 2x 300w Prosound speakers with a 800w prosound amp, Numark Mixtrack pro’s with Traktor scratch pro. Hopefully soon upgrading my sound system for that louder set! Production wise I have a HP Pavillion G series laptop with Window’s 7. I run FL Studio 10 Producer edition with only a few additional plugin’s and VST’s : NI Massive, Nexus 2, Sylenth, Glitch, Camelcrusher, Sausage Fattener. That’s about it, I don’t have a full studio, I don’t have any MIDI piano’s or EQ machines, just a laptop. I don’t even have studio quality speakers, I do everything through my Beats by Dre Pro headphones.

“Who would you say your musical influences are?”

My main musical influence’s are Afrojack and Swedish House Mafia, however to list them all its most of the EDM family, Avicii, Tiesto, Sander Van Doorn, Alesso, Quintino, R3HAB, Calvin Harris, Madeon, Porter Robinson, Zedd, Skrillex, Steve Aoki, Alvin Risk, Zed’s Dead, A-Trak, Chuckie, Hardwell, Cazzette, Hard Rock Sofa, Swanky Tunes and so many more. I also look at people on twitter who have shown me some help and guidance such as Laidback Luke and Felix Lieter. They are all massive inspirations to me and have altered how I produce my music and also inspired my music and what sounds I use and how certain track’s of mine are laid out.

“Wow, that’s one hell of a list! I would list Chuckie among my list of influences whn it comes to my DJ’ing, and his trademark ‘Dirty Dutch’ sound comes across in a lot of your tracks. I listened to your track ‘Donald Duck’d’ and it’s huge! Tell us a bit about that track?”

Donald Duck’d has been my favourite track to make in a long time! I was watching Project X and hearing the soundtrack at the party in the movie was crazy! 2 tracks that stood out the most were Steve Aoki’s remix of Kid Cudi – ‘Pursuit Of Happiness’ and A-Trak’s remix of ‘Heads Will Roll’ by the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. A few of the artist’s I listed earlier also inspired this track. The main hoover sound I used was of the same style as Steve Aoki’s in the Pursuit of happiness. I then threw in a Hard Rock Sofa & Swanky Tune’s style ‘Wub’ every now and again to alter the sound. The half time drop was inspired by the Cazzette style dub house to mix up the drops, there’s a nasty Skrillex style growl in there as well as some other cool sounds, its variation to keep the floor going. I then gated the hoover again for more variation to keep it going. As it goes into the breakdown I used A-Trak’s breakdown style from Head’s Will Roll to bring in that dutch part B of the song. As all my Dutch style music it is inspired by Afrojack, using a simple octave slide up and a few beepy sounds after with a vocal orgasm sound after. What help’s the dutch sound get people moving is that hard bass kick, a nice top kick with a fat sub bass kick. For the grand finale I use both together as they synchronise so well together to make beautiful music. Altogether I was so happy and proud with the outcome, I worked so hard on it to just have this new creature, this new song, it was all I wanted it to be. The dream with it was to be a crazy all out song that you could imagine at a Project X style party causing havoc and madness, which is what my music is all about. The title could be nothing else other than perfectly appropriate as Donald Duck’d is local new generation cockney slang in my area for f*cked. The song is about getting donald duck’d and having a mad time. Also, for any budding vocalists or rappers, I’m looking to record a vocal for the track, so if anyone is keen, hit me up!

“If you could work with any producer in the world, who would it be & why?”

As much as I have a lot of love for all the big time DJ’s of the EDM world every time I would choose Afrojack, he is my inspiration and has been ever since I was about 13 and started getting into EDM. Everything about him makes him my idol, his music is amazing and unique, which is how I want my music to be, I watch all of his tour videos and he has absolutely crazy set’s where the crowds are going crazy and the clubs have an atmosphere that are second to none. I would be honoured to be a support act for him, to ever have the chance to do a back to back set with him would just be out of this world, a true dream come true.

“Couldn’t agree more! Now, tough one next… Name your favourite dance track of all time?”

Now this is a tough one! I’m going to have to go for Swedish House Mafia – One. It’s so euphoric, yet so simplistic. A true masterpiece.

“Excellent answer! That track really was a game changer for the dance music scene. Why don’t you tell us a random fact about yourself?”

I have just started college and I take Media level 3 at Brooklands Weybridge and in all honesty, It’s all about the good banter at college. I really just went to college to get more links/connections with my music and to meet more people to DJ college house parties to make money.

“Last of all, what’s next from ‘Duckworth Sound’?”

What’s next for DuckworthSound… Well I’m unsigned & I’m just getting stuck into college. I guess I’m just going to do what I’ve been doing regularly, experiment with music, experiment new sounds. Make more music, do more mixes, and hopefully get somewhere in the end. Long term I hope to achieve my dream which would be being up there as one of the best, it’s a very hard goal and I know there are better than me, but practice makes perfect, and maybe I will achieve it, but as long as people like the DuckworthSound, then hopefully it becomes more popular and then maybe one day I will be big, one day I will be known for the DuckworthSound.

So there you go, that’s DuckworthSound in a nutshell! You can keep up with his antics via the various methods you’re no doubt accustomed to in this list:





Also, be sure to check out DuckworthSound’s smash ‘Donald Duck’d’ below:

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