Kings Of The City – Mad Men

To mark the 1 year anniversary of the London riots, London collective Kings Of The City have unveiled their new track, “Mad Men“. The difference between the two polar contrasting London’s on the 6th Augusts in 2011 and 2012 is quite incredible, and with the feel good factor spreading out through London across the UK, it’s hard to remember the bleak and violent times of last summer.

After a year gone, I’d expected a lot more London riot influenced’ music, but it doesn’t seem there’s been overly that much. And mainstream music has avoided it like the plague, other than Plan B obviously. So I guess it comes down to smaller artists and groups to speak up about it, cue Kings Of The City.

Everything they’ve put out has always been impressive to me, but their most recent work in the “No Rules To The Game” EP cemented my admiration for their work. So the release of this got me excited, especially with the added release of another free EP – “No Guts“, which I’m yet to have a proper full listen to, but breezing through it, it sounds great.

You can download the “No Guts” EP for free HERE

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