Producer Showcase – Foryou

Supremely talented producers Ivan Dubsky & Great Skies dropped their CoMa-featuring collaborative EP, dubbed the Sessions Vol. 1, last month – and since then they’ve gone to give the ambient garage side-project a name – Foryou. I caught up with the guys to discuss their ‘armchair dancefloor’ sound, dream collaborations and plans for the future. Two guys that I’ve got a lot of respect for, catch the interview below and be sure to check them out on Facebook and Soundcloud.

(For reference, Carl = Ivan Dubsky and Matt = Great Skies).

Introduce yourselves and what you do…

Carl – Hey! We’re ‘Foryou’, an ambient dubstep/garage/electronic/armchair dancefloor duo. We both make tunes separately as well, my production name’s Ivan Dubsky and Matt’s is Great Skies.

You guys recently named your collaborative side-project as ‘Foryou’, what was behind the choice of name?

Matt – We actually spent quite a long time trying to figure out a name that hadn’t already been used. We settled on just ‘You’ but someone we know said it would be impossible to Google. In the end we settled on Foryou.

How would you describe your sound?

Carl – That’s kind of tough, because all the tracks have a slightly different feel to them, whilst keeping a sort of recognisable theme throughout. Something we’re both fond of calling it is ‘Armchair Dancefloor’, a term I saw used by… I think Mount Kimbie it was. I think it’s a wicked term.

Matt – Yeah ‘Armchair Dancefloor’ i think describes it perfectly. It’s not exactly dancefloor music and its a little more beat orientated than most ambient music, it hits right down the middle. I think we both see it as freedom to experiment at this stage, mixing genres and trying new things.

What’s the process like when you two collaborate on a tune? Do you write tunes separately and then bring them into the studio together? Or do you do everything collaboratively?

Matt – I think usually we both come to sessions with ideas and stuff we want to try. We’re mostly on the same page about things so the direction of the track comes quite easily.

Carl – It’s very natural and collaborative. ‘Hard To Find’ was quite a funny one actually, ages ago Matt sent me these parts from something he’d started, and then I kind of had them on my laptop for ages and didn’t do anything with them. Then one night I made it into a full thing.

Where do you get inspiration from when you write?

Carl – I kind of just get it from everywhere, normally if I hear noises and stuff it’ll give me an idea. Also quite a lot I get inspiration from the weather, particularly recently. Like if it’s sunny it’ll give me an idea for a nice peaceful chilled out track. Just everything really!

Matt – I guess i kind of try to create atmosphere’s really. So I get inspired by experiences and the kind of music I was listening to at that time I guess. I think when you hear something you really like you instantly say to yourself ‘I would love to make something like that’ and i just attempt to make it!

Tell us a little bit about this “sessions” EP that you released a while back…

Carl – We kind of just got together, made some tunes and then stuck them together in an EP with a nice picture to tie it all together…. haha! Basically we were just making tunes and then decided to make it as proper a release as possible.

Matt – Haha its true! It just came together so easily. I think its been mostly about wanting to experiment with new things like Amen Breaks and Garage Organs and use them in new ways. For me its been about making something really new.

On that EP, you roped in CoMa to do some vocals – but are there any vocalists out there that you’d love to work with?

Matt – She was really happy to do it and was really into the song, which was awesome. I’ve seen CoMa do songs with lots of people I know so it was nice to finally add us to the list! haha. I’d really love to do some stuff with Grimes! Its never gonna happen but its a nice dream!

Carl – Is this realistically, or just anyone at all? I would absolutely love to work with P Money, that would be nuts. I think it would be wicked to do another tune with CoMa, her voice really suited the style. There’s also a few other female vocalists I know, friends of mine, that I’d really like to work with in future.

Beside the more ambient stuff that you guys produce together and apart, what do you enjoy listening to?

Carl – I listen to anything really, as long as I enjoy it and it’s good, no matter what the genre is. I love a good bit of tearout dubstep, a lot of the harder stuff. Also I have an absolute passion for garage and classic dance.

Matt – I seem to have a real thing for chilled dance stuff so I listen to chilled hip hop, liquid drum and bass and ambient dubstep a lot of the time. I’m pretty out of the loop when it comes to current dance music so Carl tends to keep me up to date whenever I see him haha.

What can we expect from this project in the near future?

Carl – Well we’re still working on tunes, we have one already fully finished, and still working on more bits and bobs. We’ll hopefully have more opportunities to get together this summer and make some more tunes. We also had some label interest from the EP, so we’re kind of working towards that as well.

Matt – Yeah, we’re working on a release of some kind but we haven’t decided what kind yet. We’re currently just writing at the moment so we have a back catalogue to choose from.

Here’s some free advertising space – where can people follow you and check out your stuff?

If you wish to follow us, here are the appropriate links!




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