Soundhall Compilation Vol. 1 | We’re Looking For Submissions!

Hi guys, Ryan here.

I don’t usually address you lot like that, but this is probably one of the only times it’ll be appropriate.

Anyway, last night I decided that we would try a little something new here at Soundhall. Alongside posting tonnes of new music that we love as often as possible, I’ve taken the decision that we’re going to release a compilation album, filled with lots of great tracks for you lot to enjoy.

And that’s where you musicians come into play. We’re looking for submissions of tracks to include in the album, so if you’re an artist looking to get some extra promo, get your name on a release, or just want to find a use for that spare beat you’ve got kicking about on your computer, you could really help us out! There’s a couple of pieces of information listed below which should clear up any uncertainties! Thanks a lot, hope to hear from you guys real soon!

1. Tracks should be sent to … any format is good (Soundcloud, Sendspace, as an attachment – just so long as I can get the tune)

2. We’ll accept basically all genres. If you’re familiar with the blog, you’ll know what kind of stuff we post anyway. For those who aren’t familiar, there is more of a focus on electronic music in all it’s shapes and forms.

3. The plan is, at the moment, for the compilation to be freely downloadable from our Facebook page. However, there are a couple of other options that we could explore – a ‘pay-what-you-want’ scheme on Bandcamp; or putting it up for a reasonable price of about £3, with a majority of proceeds going to a charity. Let us know what you think would be the best option in the comment section below.

4. This goes without saying, but submissions must be your own work. I ain’t dealing with no plagiarism/copyright stuff.

5. You guys have got my email (from the first piece of info), but if you have any other queries about the compilation, don’t hesitate to get in contact on Twitter: @ryankellingray

Ryan x

One response to “Soundhall Compilation Vol. 1 | We’re Looking For Submissions!

  1. i think we should sell the album for a lot of money then give it all to me, anyone agree?.. not? well then i think it should be for free. thts my suggestion 🙂 – Nokej

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