Band of Horses – Dumpster World

I’m not usually a fan of album teasers (in fact, they generally annoy the shit out of me), but I’ll make an exception for this – a minute long taster of a brand new track from indie rockers Band of Horses, entitled “Dumpster World”. I’ve been waiting for some new material from these lot for a good couple of years – 2010 saw the release of their third studio album Infinite Arms, and on first impressions, this new bit doesn’t disappoint one bit. Starting with a section which draws heavily on their country/Americana roots, but then transcends into the sort of driving rock sound that we’ve become used to from BoH.

Probably one of my favourite bands in the world, and this new material sounds hugely promising. Album out in September – I’m sure we’ll have some more teasers to come before the release date.


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