Grim: A Tale of Death

“Grim is a tale of love, life and death placed within the contextual world of the Grim Reapers. The Grim Reaper (Angel of Death) is widely known across many cultures and religions. The Grim Reaper is the personification of death and guides the souls of those who have recently died to the afterlife… or the underworld.

Our story focuses on what happens in-between these guided trips. The stories these beings encounter in the in-between realm. We follow the tale of a number of Reapers; Colossal, Andras, Gusion, Bathin, Shax, Nina and Valac, who’s tale becomes entangled with everyone else’s.

Valac is a Grim Reaper who was once human (over 600 years ago) and was promised that he would regain his mortality once his contract with the council of death was fulfilled. The year is 2011 and Valac’s contract is completed but regaining his mortality is not as straight forward as was promised; layered with deceit and coated with betrayal Valac, with the help of his friends, has to find a way to escape the in-between and return to humanity, with the recent return of Colossal, a great warlord of the Reaper realm who was banished many centuries ago because of Valac’s testimonials against him.  Time is running out and the odds are stacked against Valac.”

Friend of Soundhall, GZUS, more affectionately known by his friends as Jake Ellis Scott dons his acting cap for an appearance in a forthcoming web series entitled “Grim: A Tale of Death“. Not only does Jake give an astute performance, alongside his peers (from what we can gleam from the trailer below), he took on the duty of composing and producing the entire score for the series… Just another example of the next-level amount of work that this group of artists have put in so far, and, to ensure that the project can be seen to it’s worthy conclusion, it’ll require a bit of supporter assistance.

This is basically where you guys come in. The team have set up a crowd funding page, where they’re offering Grim-themed gift packages (for example, the minimum donation comes with your own death scroll and a mention in an episode’s credits) in return for cash, in order to raise funds. It’s a win/win situation, really. All you’ve gotta do is go HERE and choose the amount that you want to give. THEN go and find out more information on the series by liking their Facebook page and following them on Twitter. Check out the video below for a little taster of what you can expect from the series. So excited to see this – not usually my thing, but this looks whole-heartedly promising.

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