Plan B: Live @ Maida Vale


The phrase “working 24/7” is banded about too much nowadays, but in the case of Ben Drew, it’s probably as close as you’re going to get to it. A third album, directing a debut film, starring in The Sweeney film, and giving many interviews spreading his message. But don’t think he’s forgotten about performing live. With a ‘forest tour’ upcoming, Plan B dropped into the prestigious Maida Vale Studios along with the trusted B-Team for a live set and interview with Zane Lowe for BBC Radio 1.

Only last week was Ill Manors released in UK wide cinemas, but the amount of people giving rave reviews, about the acting, the directing and the overall message and rawness has been very high. And the small amount of releases for the upcoming “ill Manors” LP, in the title track “Ill Manors”, “Deepest Shame” and upcoming single, “Lost My Way” have each promised something spectacular! And tonight we were given a further glimpse into the upcoming album.

Ben kicked off proceedings with the next single, “Lost My Way”, and you could instantly tell he was fully up for it! Then onto previously mentioned “Deepest Shame“, with “Playing With Fire” (feat. Etta Bond) [prod. Labrinth], and obviously, “Ill Manors“. Each track maintained a rawness which is missing from current music, but still had an abundance quality, with Plan B demostrating his variabilty with the soulful vocals mixed in with the harsh and hard lyric delivery. And Ben continued speaking through his powerful message with Zane, a messsage which has been well documented through The BBCThe Guardian, and many other pages. (You can have a read on my take on the issues Plan B addresses HERE)

Plan B – ill Manors (Live @ Maida Vale)

Radio 1 uploaded the full video set from Plan B last night, which you can luckily watch HERE, or listen to HERE!


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