Josh Kumra – Helicopters & Planes (feat. K Koke) (Official Video)

Today saw the release of the incredibly slick visuals to accompany Josh Kumra‘s forthcoming debut single “Helicopters & Planes“, which features K Koke on a guest verse. The track itself is an extraordinarily well-produced testament to Josh’s songwriting ability, putting his rich and soul tone at the forefront. An emotional feature from USG member K Koke fits the whole vibe of the song unexpectedly well – cementing this one’s potential for a fair amount of chart success.

As far as the video is concerned, it is, for what appears to be a fairly low-budget effort, there seems to be some great pieces of cinematography in there – making genuinely good use of the ‘camera-attatched-to-the-body’, as opposed to being utilised merely to induce some kind of nausea.

This one’s taken from his forthcoming debut album, which is billed for a September release date.


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