Synthetic Epiphany – …And We Will Survive

I’ve been an enormous admirer of Synthetic Epiphany’s productions for a while now, so imagine my delight when he today released the Survive EP, a ‘pay what you want’ release that offers up a delectable combination of beautiful chillstep (as can be seen in this cut) along with a dark drum and bass vibe (prevalent on the closer, the 174bpm edit of “Breathe“. My favourite track of the six offered up here has to be the sensationally emotional “…And We Will Survive“, which utilises orchestral and piano samples along with an ascending chord sequence that gives this one a certain sense of subtle euphoria.

Got a shedload of love for this guy and his music. Go and support this guy buy purchasing (or downloading it for free, take your pick) his EP HERE. It’s a decision you’re unlikely to regret.


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