Owsey – Don’t Worry, I’m Here Now (feat. Kine Hjeldnes)

As of late, we’ve been treated to a whole host of remixes from ambient Northern Irish producer Owsey. However, he seems to have now embarked on putting out some more of his own sensational original material, with a forthcoming self-released EP penned for a release around the end of this month. This particular track, taken from said release, is entitled “Don’t Worry, I’m Here Now“, and almost feels like a culmination of the unmistakable Owsey – the atmospheric thunderstorm, slated against that slow pounding drum and melodic chord sequence that kicks in around a minute (which was evident throughout his Kimbra remix recently) celebrates a sense of diversity that isn’t common these days. That concept’s continued in the use of samples – beginning with the featured artist Kine Hjeldnes, and passing through the likes of Ellie Goulding and (unexpectedly) Final Fantasy. It’s good to see that despite the fact that this song’s 10 minutes in length, he still manages to make it a sonic journey, a masterpiece that does not deviate in quality for one moment. This… this is why I love this guy.

Stream “Don’t Worry, I’m Here Now” below, and like Owsey’s Facebook page to be kept up with the EP release. Simply stunning.

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