Producer Showcase: Insan3lik3 x Soundhall 180

As a part of our Producer Showcase series, I caught up with Swiss house producer Insan3lik3 to have a chat about his music, and he’s been kind enough to provide us with a very exclusive and very special 180 mix (which you can download completely free HERE). Catch the mix streaming below, the tracklisting underneath, and the interview after the jump. Very excited about this guy’s music.


1. Insan3lik3 – Bad Pitched
2. Insan3lik3 – Pink Panther Theme (Dubstep Remix)
3. Insan3lik3 & Brenton – Let It Go
4. Insan3lik3 & Throttle – Better Than Expected
5. Beatwalker – Anthemic (Insan3lik3 Remix)


Hello Insan3lik3! For those who aren’t familiar with you, introduce who you are and what you do…

Hey, I’m a 16 years old producer from Switzerland, producing mainly Electro House and Dubstep. I started to produce music with FL Studio 2 years ago. I have had several releases on Monstercat Media, Glowstam Records and Downfire Productions.

How would you describe your style?

To keep it short: a lot of different electro basses mixed with wobbles and high-pitched vocals / chip tune leads.

Where did the name ‘Insan3Lik3’ come from?

Actually, there isn’t really a deep meaning for the name. I could tell you lies and tell a long story about it, but there’s a very simple explanation for it. Firstly I wanted to have a kinda leet (1337) styled name, that means there’s a letter replaced with (most times) a number, like Deadmau5 did it.  And apparently there’s no good explanation for the Lik3, you can ask me again in 5 years.

Did you have a musical upbringing?

My parents always tried to get me more into music, since they have a big passion for it. Because of this, I started to play piano and keyboard from the age of 9. I’m thankful that they did, because I’m not sure if I would’ve gone into producing without them..

For all the other producers out there, what’s your set-up?

My producing setup would be 2 KRK Rokit 6, Novation Nocturn 49 (great midi keyboard, along with the automap software, which I absolutely love) and Tascam US 144 MKII. The setup for DJing contains the Native Instruments Kontrol S2, Kontrol X1 and Maschine. It’s pretty obvious that I am a NI lover.

If you could work with any other producer right now, who would it be?

There are some producers I would like to get in touch with, like KOAN Sound, edIT, Magnetic Man (don’t know if they’re still producing together) and Noisia, just to name a few.

I first came across you with your remix of Skrillex’s “Right In”, but what do you look for when you go to remix a song? Good vocals, a strong melody…?

I do not have a guideline which tells me, when I can/want to remix a track. I’m always in for a remix, if I like the track, I’ll want to do add my style to it.

Who would you say are your main influences when you produce?

There’s a lot of different artists I like listening to, from French House to Liquid Drum and Bass and more. I would say, just for producing Electro House, I got big influences from Mord Fustang, Dirtyloud, a bit of Lazy Rich, and a lot of others. Nevertheless, I want to be still remembered for my own style.

Tell us one thing most people don’t know about you…

Actually, there is a lot of stuff people don’t know. Hm, maybe a random fact: I would’ve never started listening to house if there wasn’t this girl in a chat, who sent me a track of “D’azoo at night” called “Tango in Tokyo”. I don’t know why I liked it that much when I listen to it now, but all the other EDM tracks were nothing to me.

What was your favourite track that you’ve ever produced?

I think there are a lot of guys who will agree with me when I say that it’s “Bad Pitched”. I was really lucky with getting it released on Monstercat, after winning it with such a tiny amount of more votes. I wouldn’t say that it’s the “best” track, because its different, depending on music tastes..

What kind of music are you listening to right now?

I have recently started listening to French House. I already heard a lot of Daft Punk before, and I was amazed at tracks like “One More Time” or “Aerodynamic”. Breakbot, Robotaki and Madeon were also big reasons as to why I started listening to it.

What can expect from you in 2012?  

More collaborations, more awesomeness. And a lot of creativity incorporated with my signature sounds… I hope at least.


Insan3lik3 on Facebook//Soundcloud

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