Keeno & Whiney – The Beginning Of The End

If you can cast your mind back to early last month, you’ll remember that an young producer by the name of Keeno delivered a exclusive mix to the blog. If you’ve got amnesia or something, you can catch that HERE. It was awesome, and I’ve been keeping tabs on his releases ever since.

And in doing so, I’ve come across a tune I’ve been rinsing for days, his collaboration with good friend Whiney entitled “The Beginning Of The End”. It’s a euphorically brilliant effort, with complex and stabbing synths sliding over a liquid-inflected drum and bass beat. Showing an aptitude at production far beyond their respective years, the track reminds me quite a bit of something that Hospital might release, it’s that distinctive signature sound that they manage to produce so well. Really excited to see what these two guys are going to produce in the future, could sound pretty big. Love this too much.


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