Radio 1’s Urban Classics – Live At The Barbican [Free Album Download]

As a part of MusicNation and BBC Radio’s unfaltering commitment to cultural diversity, London’s Barbican opened its doors on Saturday night to a collaboration-crazy night of truly epic proportions. It saw grime MCs Devlin, Skepta, Fazer, Ms Dynamite team up with the world-renowned BBC Symphony Orchestra to perform a selection of tracks, from originals to an emotional rendition of Whitney Houston’s “It’s Not Right”. JME-led Boy Better Know even made an appearance, jumping on stage to perform “Too Many Man” alongside their boy Skepta – which sounded 100% sick, along with the help of the orchestra.

Fazer also dropped an exclusive track from his forthcoming album: an Ed Drewett-featuring cover of Sting’s “Englishman In New York”. Since this was a supposed last-minute addition, we’re not sure how true it will be to the record version, but it’s sounding damn good all the same.

If you ever wanted an opportunity to hear some of the cream of UK urban talent alongside an 80-piece orchestra – now’s your chance.

I’ve spent about the last 2 days ripping and editing this audio masterclass, and put it together for you all as a free album to download and keep forever. Take a listen to the “Too Many Man” track below, just to whet your appetite. Then catch the entire album by clicking on the picture, and check out the tracklisting after the jump. Big moment for urban music.


1. BBC Symphony Orchestra – Iron Foundry (composed by Alexander Mosolov)
2. Fazer – Playing With Fire (feat. BBC Symphony Orchestra)
3. Skepta – Taking Too Long (feat. BBC Symphony Orchestra)
4. Ms. Dynamite – Neva Soft (feat. BBC Symphony Orchestra)
5. Devlin – Runaway (feat. BBC Symphony Orchestra)
6. Fazer – Best Behaviour (feat. BBC Symphony Orchestra)
7. Skepta – Too Many Man (feat. Boy Better Know & BBC Symphony Orchestra)
8. BBC Symphony Orchestra – Lollapalooza (composed by John Adams)
9. Devlin – F64
10. Devlin – London City (feat. BBC Symphony Orchestra)
11. Ms. Dynamite – Wile Out (feat. BBC Symphony Orchestra)
12. Skepta – Rescue Me (feat. BBC Symphony Orchestra)
13. Fazer – Englishman In New York (feat. Ed Drewett & BBC Symphony Orchestra)
14. Ms. Dynamite – Dy Na Mi Tee (feat. BBC Symphony Orchestra)
15. Ms. Dynamite, Skepta & Fazer – It’s Not Right (feat. BBC Symphony Orchestra) [Whitney Houston Tribute]
16. Skepta – Too Many Man (feat. Boy Better Know & BBC Symphony Orchestra) Part II


2 responses to “Radio 1’s Urban Classics – Live At The Barbican [Free Album Download]

    • It was broadcast live on both Radio 1 & 1Xtra – tried to make sure that both were represented without making the actual title even longer than it already was

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