Jack Beats – You Should Know (feat. Donae’o)

Given a worthy sport as Annie Mac’s Special Delivery on Friday, here is the incredible Donae’o-featuring single from Scottish produciton outfit Jack Beats. Entitled “You Should Know”, it’s set to be taken their forthcoming album, confirmed for a July release date.

The instrumental that the guys have laid down here is sublime: a pounding and relentless drum rhythm is topped by those hallmark wobbling basslines, and it somehow manages to make Donae’o’s rich and soulful flow seem even more fresh than usual. Got a lot of respect for him, every track he produces or features on has a completely different vibe to the last one – and it’s that kind of versatility that you don’t see a lot these days. In an interview with Annie on the show on Friday, they said that “Donae’o kinda cracked the vocal”… can’t argue with that.

As far as Jack Beats are concerned, the production values are as point as ever, and hopefully 2012 will see them break through to an even greater audience – especially with tracks in the same vein as this.

I’ve got a mad amount of love for this track – watch out for this one when it officially drops in summer, looks like it’s going to be smashing up clubs all over the place.


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