Sirah – Up & Down

If you’re a proud owner of Skrillex’s latest EP ‘Bangarang’, you may have seen the name Sirah dotted at the end of a few track names. However, it appears as though Kyoto and the title track Bangarang are to be just a taste of what is to come from this Californian rapper. Yesterday, she released her much-anticipated mixtape ‘C.U.L.T’, which is an emphatic and superbly produced representation of her style, and you’d be best advised to grab it from her official website HERE.

Drawing on the heavy-electro sound familiar to a fair section of her audience, the opener “Up & Down” is full of dreamy, tinkling synths, which soon cascade into a yawning bass backdrop for her harsh flow and brilliant lyricism. It looks as though her work with Skrillex has brought her the kind of audience she wants, and so desperately deserves.

Check out “Up And Down” below, and be sure to grab the entire tape HERE. Disappointment factor = Zero. Love this girl.


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