A.Chal – Just Come Back

If you’re a fan of Hypetrack, Hypebeast or the like, chances are you’ll have seen A. Chal’s name floating around in recent times. The US producer has been making substantial progress in the music blog realm with his brilliant release “Roses On Your Silhouette”, and it shouldn’t take long for this professional respect to transfer into an adoring fanbase.

And now he’s returned, with the superb “Just Come Back”, a 2-step influenced piece that features Chal’s trademark vocal samples and a uniquely haunting vibe. It flows as some sort of orchestral heart-wrenching story – and it takes an enormously talented producer to be able to do that. Evoking emotion right from the word ‘go’, the track is a true testament to this guy’s natural talent.

There’s hardly any information about A. Chal on the web right now – and he only updates his social media sites when he’s got a new track to release. No fuss, no image, just good music. Check out “Just Come Back” below, and grab your free download of it and the player. Sick.

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