Introducing: New Machine x Mix

2012 could be a big year for New Machine. Comprised of Plan B guitarist AJ and Craig Merrin, the production duo have been causing a bit of a stir with their bass-heavy remixes of late – most notably reworks of Maverick Sabre’s last two singles. We grabbed the first opportunity to have an exclusive chat with AJ about the project. Catch a mix of their tracks below and the interview after the jump. (The mix was done by me, so you can have a laugh at my mixing skills if you want to.)


1. Maverick Sabre – No One (New Machine Remix)
2. Jagged Hedz – Sell My Soul (New Machine Adam’s Evil Dubreak Remix)
3. Maverick Sabre – I Need (New Machine’s Remix feat. Chip & Benny Banks)
4. InMe vs. New Machine – Saccharine Arcadia

Hi AJ! Some people might recognise you as being Plan B’s guitarist; but what inspired you to break away from that and create New Machine?

Well, I haven’t officially departed from Plan B and crew and have got future projects planned for next year with Ben Drew and a few new members. I’ve always had the urge to do my own thing as Plan B inspired me a lot to be your own boss and I just felt between me and my colleague Craig Merrin we were both talented enough to do it!

New Machine is composed of you and Craig Merrin – how did you two meet? And when did you decide to work together on this project?

He’s been a life long friend of mine after meeting due to growing up in the same area. We’ve both always done music but started meeting up and writing together in my room with a guitar and some Jack Daniels encouragement with the vision to later on turn them into full songs with electronic influenced production around three years ago, but touring with Plan B for 2 years put those dreams on hold.

You’ve already worked with Maverick Sabre, Chipmunk and Benny Banks on that wicked ‘I Need’ remix, but who should we expect to see you collaborating with in the future?

Thanks a lot man! Well, it’s all kind of in the air at the moment but expect to hear from the likes of: Ria Ritchie, Faith SFX, Takura Tendayi, Maverick Sabre, Delilah, Plan B, SBD, Benny Banks, Wiley and many more. Also 3 Singers we are closely working with are Chlo33, Hope & Steve Shabytah (all unsigned).

How would you describe your sound?

At the moment we have seemed to be able to spread a wide variety of music and combining it with mainly dubstep, drum & bass and house influences. We are a production outfit aswell as being artists, as we write songs (lyrics, melodies etc.) and produce club music, motown, metal etc; but as artists we will release a feature record like Timbaland’s or Chase & Status’, (with instrumentals and featured artists).

What are your big plans for 2012?

I’m not gonna say too much, but we will be doing a lot of underground DJ sets for now and carry on writing, producing and networking like we have been! Expect a couple E.Ps and separate projects from us and a whole load of remixes including Maverick Sabre’s current single ‘No One’ and Benny Banks’ (recently signed by 679/Warner records) single ‘Bada Bing!’ and a whole load more!


New Machine on Twitter
New Machine on Facebook
New Machine on YouTube

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