Gorillaz – DoYaThing (feat. James Murphy & Andre 3000) [Full Version]

Earlier on this week, one of the most exciting collaborations of the year so far surfaced, in the form of Damon Albarn’s Gorillaz teaming up with James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) and Andre 3000 (Outkast) team up to give us “DoYaThing”. Then, yesterday, this full 13 minute long version came to light on the internet, and it’s one of the best records I’ve heard in a bloody long time.

Drafting in such high-calibre guests has paid dividends, and you can hear each individual’s influence on the end product. Andre goes in, showcasing why he’s one of the most respected rappers around right now. Sounds a little bit like a cross between stuff from their self-titled debut and Plastic Beach. Perfect harmony. Shouts to Converse for making this collaboration possible.

Gorillaz are consistently one of the most pioneering and creative groups out there, and this is yet another example of that. Fucking sick.

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