Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Titanium (David Guetta Cover)

You could probably have guessed that I’m not David Guetta’s biggest fan. But it must be said that his last single “Titanium” struck a little bit of a chord with me (if you’ll pardon the pun). Whether it was Sia’s vocals or the instrumental, I don’t know – but it was most definitely a cut above the rest of his productions.

So when one of my favourite singer/songwriters of the moment Benjamin Francis Leftwich stopped by the Radio 1 Live Lounge to perform his own interpretation of the track, I was a tad excited to hear it. No disappointment here.

The ease with which Ben is able to feel every single word he sings comes in handy here and shines a completely different light on this track. His smooth and subtle voice glides over the acoustic instrumental with ease, and conjures up a piece of art that evokes all sorts of emotions.

Credit where credit’s due, Guetta has done a pretty decent job here. Shame Ben’s gone and done it better. Check out his cover below, and go and grab his album from iTunes HERE.


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