Benga – I Will Never Change

Finally getting round to posting this, but better latae than never, I suppose. Here’s the massive brand new single from dubstep supremo Benga, entitled “I Will Never Change”, taken from his forthcoming album, which is due out around August.

Displaying once again his almost super-human ability at producing, he manages to create a sublimely dark atmosphere here, something which he’s always been able to achieve. Right from that spine-tingling melody at the beginning, through to that deep, driving bassline, it’s all there. Top-drawer quality

Benga said himself that the upcoming record is going to be quite different to his latest solo effort “Diary of An Afro Warrior”, and I for one cannot wait for it to drop. With a Magnetic Man album and tour also due out later this year, it looks like it’s going to be a pretty busy year for this guy.

Check out “I Will Never Change” below, and be sure to follow Benga on Twitter HERE if you haven’t already.


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