Taiki & Nulight – Pure

In recent months, there has been an evident amount of pretentiousness in the dubstep community. The rise of artists like Skrillex caused those stuck in 2006 to get on their soapbox at his own tear-out and aggressive sound, culminating in his winning of 3 Grammys last week. “He’s ruined dubstep! Nobody makesrealdubstep anymore!”, they say. But, here’s a perfect example of the kind of the sub-heavy stuff that people are still producing.

Enter production duo Taiki & Nulight, and their track “Pure”, taken from their ‘Coming Up’ EP which dropped on Monday. The Benga Beats signees have absolutely smashed it here: the bass is deep, the kick-snare pattern works perfectly – as an entity, the track sounds brilliantly produced… and properly sick.

These guys are getting a lot of love from the likes of Mistajam, Benga and Funtcase – just the kind of guys you want on your side in an increasingly saturated market. 2012 could be big for these guys.

You can download the ‘Coming Up’ EP from Bandcamp HERE, and like their Facebook page HERE.

(Shouts to Aliasizm for the upload, this guy’s got a great channel going.)


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