Statix – Origin [Free Download]

Keeping with an electronic vibe for tonight, here is the latest offering from Bristol electro-foursome Statix, entitled “Origin”.

These guys first came to my attention with their beautiful, orchestrated remix of Kate McGill’s “Replaced” – but it turns out they also masquerade as ear-crushing bass-masters, as can be seen here. The high-energy, relentless drum beat that accompanies the deep, oscillating bass – this one deserves to be cranked up LOUD! Maintaining that big atmosphere from the violins at the beginning, the whole sonics of the track are mind-blowing, slightly reminiscent of some of Noisia’s work – it’sthat well produced.

After recently receving plays on Radio 1 from Skream and Benga for their Eddie K collaboration “Anymore”, it looks like Statix is a name you’ll be hearing pretty often soon enough. If they keep up their current level of productions, there’s no reason why that can’t be the case.

Oh, and it’s a free download, grab that HERE. Love these guys.


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