Nina Nesbitt – 96 Fuckries (JME Cover)

Scottish singer/songwriter has tonight displayed a slightly ‘different’ side to her normally irresistibly charming persona. Released earlier on tonight, here is her take on JME’s latest single – the post-watershed titled “96 Fuckries”.

A complete shot out of the dark, this is a cover that should be terrible. The very idea of it just shouldn’t work at all. And YET. There’s just something so captivating about her performing style that makes this so wonderful to watch. The cross between folk and grime has been explored most notably Ed Sheeran, but to see a female take on this future classic is refreshing. And those vocal runs of Nina’s are spine-tingling, even if she is singing about “snorting the white too much”.

The video starts with a little Q&A session with her, so if you’re currently unfamiliar with this future superstar, you’d be best checking that out. Skip to 2:40 if you already know everything about Nina (even that she doesn’t like Oreos) and you just want to see the cover.

Check out the video below, and catch some of the dates for Nina’s UK headline tour later this year after the jump. Love this.

Apr 24 Sound Control Manchester, United Kingdom Tickets
Apr 25 THE BOWERY London, United Kingdom Tickets
Apr 28 Electric Circus Edinburgh, United Kingdom Tickets
May 17 King Tuts Glasgow, United Kingdom

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