Mr Fijiwiji – Gina

Ahhh. I’ve got a serious love for Mr. Fijiwiji. The 16 year-old producer from Pittsburgh has been producing some great stuff for a while, but his latest creation “Gina” (taken from his ‘Keeping It Surreal’ EP) is probably my favourite yet.

Echoing piano, futuristic synths and an ambient beat all meld together effortlessly to create a truly stunning piece of art. The basslines are deep and moving – nothing short of incredible. And when set against the visual seen below – a time-lapse by the incredible Knate Myers – words fail you. Production is bang-on here, expected nothing less of this guy.

It’s songs like this that make me love this genre of music. This guy is so ridiculously talented, and has got such a bright future ahead of him. Go and check him out on Facebook HERE, and purchase his ‘Keeping It Surreal’ EP from iTunes HERE. This is something else.


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