Soundhall Sessions: An Interview With… Mikill Pane

When London-born MC Mikill Pane stopped by Aberdeen as a part of Ed Sheeran’s recent UK tour, we decided to catch up with him to have a chat. One of the most talented lyricists to emerge from the UK in the last 12 months, check out the interview above, and hear his thoughts on dubstep, Twitter and why he doesn’t like tattoos.

Definitely one of the more intelligent and opinionated musicians around right now – got a lot of respect for that.

Absolutely love this guy, and got a lot of time for his music. Follow him on Twitter HERE, and go and grab his latest release, ‘The Morris Dancer EP’, from iTunes HERE. It’s been said a lot that this 2012 is going to be this guy’s year, there can be no doubt whatsoever.

To whet your appetite for his forthcoming album, check out some of my favourite tracks of his below. Brilliant.

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