Classic Track: Burial – Archangel

For a variety of reasons, the man who goes by the name of Burial seems to have only recently registered with my musical perception. The London-based producer has gained almost legendary status amongst his peers and fans alike, and his works have reportedly influenced the sound of The XX, James Blake and countless others in the dubstep scene. Real name William Bevan, he remained anonymous until around 2008 (with two critically successful albums already under his belt) when an interview with The Independent newspaper finally brought Burial’s true identity to light.

This track, “Archangel”, is taken from his Mercury Prize-nominated album ‘Untrue’, which was heralded as a “cinematic” and “enveloping” listen (Pitchfork)  – and was named by FACT Magazine as the best album of the last decade. High praise indeed, for a record produced using only SoundForge (audio editing software) and sampling equipment. It was also seen as a more focussed, better flowing version of Burial’s self-titled debut, released only a year earlier.

This particular cut from the album is probably one of Bevan’s most well-known and recognisable tracks – right from the vocal sample through to the stunning orchestration. It’s incredible how this guy manages to contrast this euphoric sound so perfectly with the darkness of the basslines. So fucking good. *Best listened to with a good set of headphones, in complete seclusion from the outside world*.

Burial has since resurfaced in recent weeks, with the release of his ‘Kindred EP’ on Sunday creating a buzz that a heavily label-backed artist would be envious of. (You can download it from the Hyperdub website HERE). There’s just something infinitely special about this guy.

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