Keeno – Soundhall Minimix [Free Download]

Here’s a brand new minimix that Winchester-based producer Keeno – real name Will Keen –  put together for you all, compiling a number of his best tracks – including his forthcoming single and no less than 5 exclusives dropping in various places.

With a training in classical music, as well as an increasing aptitude at production, it looks like this guy’s got all the necessary tools to go far. I caught up with Will to have a chat about his sound and influences, as well as what you can expect from him in the coming 12 months. Be sure to go and check out the rest of this guy’s music on Soundcloud HERE, and go and say a hearty hello over on Facebook. Catch the mix and tracklisting below, and the interview after the jump. Oh, and grab your free download in the player, so you can take Will’s wonderful tracks on the go. Yep.

1) Avicii – Levels (Keeno Bootleg) – Free
2) Rameses B – Memoirs (Keeno Remix) – Forthcoming Seeking Blue
3) Uppermost – You Share Love – Free
4) Bustrexx ft. Tessa Der Kinderen – A Common Element (Keeno Remix) – Dub
5) Keeno ft. Fifi Smart – Rephrase & Rewind (Memro Remix) – Forthcoming Point Audio
6) Keeno ft. Louisa Bass – Find Me – Dub
7) Keeno – Heartbeat – Dub
8) Keeno – Control – Dub

Introduce who you are and what you do..

Well, I’m Will (a.k.a Keeno) and I’m 17 and I’m at college in South England. I’m studying Music, Maths and Spanish and not looking forward to the incoming onslaught of exams. I’ve been writing classical music for 11 years now and have had formal classical training. It was 2010 when I started delving into drum and bass and have recently just started to get a bit of attention and it’s really exciting for me. So thanks, Ryan!

How would you describe your musical style?

I’m trying to put my own spin on the “Hospital Sound” (that well-known phrase!?). I used to write much more melodic music when I first started but I’ve found myself writing more and more dance-floor stuff because that’s what I’m feeling at the moment. I think you can definitely hear my classical harmony in there still though.

Who are your main influences?

The music I listen to is really diverse and weird but in drum and bass it’s probably Hospital Records’ artists like Camo&Krooked, Netsky, Fred V&Grafix. Outside of them I love Rido, Noisia and Dimension. I also really am into my Electro House at the moment and you can hear the synths from here coming through. Of course my classical background has an enormous influence on me.

What’s been your favourite track that you’ve ever produced?

What I’m doing at the moment is really exciting. My technical skills have suddenly got a lot better. I really enjoyed recording with Louisa Bass over the Christmas. I’m trying to finish off a load of tunes for a forthcoming EP later in the Spring which will sum up what my sound is right now.

What can we expect from you in 2012?

2012 should be great. I’m trying to improve my sound as quickly as I can and try to get some support from other artists. Rameses B has really helped me with this so big ups to him! I have a free year next year and my new studio I’m getting together will make for some serious music-making. I’m also getting into film score writing and DJ-ing. Watch out for my forthcoming EP “Rephrase & Rewind” out on Valentine’s day worldwide on iTunes etc. and also other music will be coming out later this year. Make sure you follow me on SoundCloud or like my Facebook page to get the updates!



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