Ryan Keen – Focus

If you lot can cast your minds back about a month, you might remember that a singer/songwriter by the name of Ryan Keen came out victorious in Soundhall’s Stars of 2012. And, to show that you lot have got such great taste, here is the rather stunning title track from his forthcoming “Focus” EP, due out sometime next month.

Chosen by Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe as his ‘Next Hype’, this mellow track looks set to catapult Keen into the spotlight. After touring a few times with Ed Sheeran as a support act, he has steadily won over a growing and receptive fan-base, all of whom, I imagine, will be absolutely blown away by this new material. His soothing vocal takes prevalence over the minimalistic yet atmospheric backing arrangement, making for a truly incredible piece of music. In a market over-saturated with aspiring singer/songwriters, it’s normally damn near impossible for someone to stand out and carve their own niche, but it seems as though Ryan’s pretty safe here. With the right amount of support, this EP could be the real break-though for this guy.

Expect an official stop-motion video from one of the guys behind Rastamouse – Andy Shackleford – to accompany this track from the EP, and a very special 2012 for this guy. Check out the first national radio play of “Focus” below, and go and follow Ryan on Twitter HERE. Massive talent.

UPDATE: Ryan’s just dropped the undeniably genius video for this track, as directed by Andy Shackleford of Rastamouse and Rastamouse fame. Absolutely brilliant. Pre-order the ‘Focus’ EP HERE.

Ryan’s “Aiming For The Sun” EP is available to download from iTunes HERE, and you can go and grab a free song of his over at http://www.ryankeen.co.uk/

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