Lana Del Rey – Without You (Kill Paris Remix) [Free Download]

Here’s the rather brilliant Kill Paris remix of Lana Del Rey’s “Without You”, taken from her #1 debut album ‘Born To Die’.

Adopting a completely different sound to the original, the dubstep vibe breathes a new lease of life into this track which, whilst beautifully orchestrated, sounds a little too similar to the rest on the album. Good, but by track 13 (where “Without You” is placed) it gets a little repetitive. Call me a philistine if you will for that, but this one is a exceptionally produced track: deep basslines, with Lana’s enchanting voice is used to convey an almost haunting tone. Brilliance.

Check out the Kill Paris remix of “Without You” below, and grab your free download by clicking the little arrow in the player. Oh, and if you’re one of the few that haven’t got Lana’s LP yet, go and grab it from iTunes HERE.


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