Knife Party – 100% No Modern Talking EP (The Remixes) [Free Download]











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Brought to you exclusively here on Soundhall, a free EP full of the best remixes of tunes from Knife Party’s recently released EP “100% No Modern Talking”. I spent a while scouring Soundcloud and YouTube and evetually compiled this little ditty, 4 brilliant tracks – each replacing its original on the EP. One of the top releases of the last few months can’t be bettered, can it?

However there was a reason for doing this, it’s not just me being extortionately generous to you. At first I noticed a distinct lack of properly good Knife Party remixes. And after listening to the original EP again I soon discovered why this was – the productions put together by Rob and Gareth are so ridiculously complex and intricate, that it’s damn difficult for the everyman to tackle remixing. However, after a period of searching, I discovered that there were actually quite a few respectable interpretations. To be honest, I think this is actually a true testament to the fact that there are an unthinkable amount of talented producers out there – and I wanted to showcase their work by putting this together. It makes it even more remarkable when you consider no stems were handed out… mind-blowing stuff from all involved.

Oh, and the free download can be found right HERE and the tracklisting bit and artist links just below… Enjoy!


1. Fire Hive (knno Remix)

A filthy piece of drumstep interpretation of the opener from the EP. Elevating synths and a pounding drum beat carry this one through 3 minutes and 25 seconds of utter carnage.

Go and check knno out on Soundcloud HERE.

2. Tourniquet (Benj Remix)

A brilliantly put together piece of house, integrating THAT incredible chord sequence seamlessly into a club smasher.

Show this guy some love on Soundcloud right HERE and on Facebook right HERE.

3. Destroy Them With Lazers VIP (Rami Ross Edit)

While many of you may listen to the opening of this track and think “hey, what the hell? This sounds exactly the same as the original”… I urge you to wait just a little while. A dubstep-infused drop that KP have reportedly been dropping into their live sets recently.

While you’re enjoying this banger, go and check out Rami’s Soundcloud and Facebook pages.

4. Internet Friends (Poisound Remix)

Finishing off with an emphatic bang, here is Spanish producer Poisound’s rework of the closing track ‘Internet Friends’. Simply massive, words can’t describe how crazy this is. Knife Party, xKore and the like have been setting places off with this track in recent times… so you know it’s proper.

Go and give Poisound your love on his Soundcloud and Facebook.


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