Bustrexx – Exclusive Soundhall Minimix (Free Download)

Here’s another exclusive for you all, a ridiculously good minimix that upcoming drum and bass producer did for Soundhall. Featuring no less than 39 of his own tracks, including originals and remixes, the 8 minute long mix is a true testament to how insanely talented this guy is, and how bright his future is looking.

Hailing from Wakefield, Bustrexx (real name Buster Charles) has built up a fair following in recent times, after releasing tracks on at least seven separate labels and amassing a large back-catalogue of great tracks. I love what he’s put together for us here, it’s a properly fulfilling 8 minutes of your life, not letting the tempo die for a second – cramming every last inch of brilliance into the time. He told me that it was “ridiculous amounts of fun to make” and that enjoyment he had in putting it together can definitely be heard.

If you’re a fan of the likes of Netsky, you should definitely check this guy out, proper vibes. Catch the mix below, grab your free download and go and show this guy some love on his official Soundcloud, you’ll find some properly great tracks over there. Tracklisting after the jump.

Go on over and like Bustrexx on Facebook HERE, and follow him on Twitter HERE.

1. Bustrexx – Wave By Wave (Subsphere recs)

2. Bustrexx – Broken Heart Syndrome (DLA Black recs)

3. Bustrexx – Portal Storms (Dub)

4. Voodoo Commons – Voodoo (Dub)

5. Bustrexx – Abstract (Free)

6. Bustrexx – Abstract VIP (DLA Black recs)

7. Bustrexx – Man Alive (Free)

8. Bustrexx Ft.CoMa – The Business of Sadness (dub)

9. Xentrix Ft.Bustrexx – World Wide (Mindstorm recs)

10. Bustrexx – Remember These Times (DLA Black)

11. Hazem Beltagui – Joyful Sadness (Bustrexx RMX) (DLA Black recs)

12. Bustrexx – Wish Me Luck (DLA Black recs)

13. Voodoo Commons – New Dimensions (Dub)

14. Bustrexx – Redemption (Dub)

15. Bustrexx Ft.Seanvance – Please Wake Up (This Is Our Song) (Dub)

16. DT3 – Moon In the Sky (Bustrexx RMX) (Dub)

17. Bustrexx & Feint – Against the Grain (Dub)

18. Bustrexx Ft.Veela – Not Anymore (Subsphere recs)

19. SubVibe & Fuzion – 30 million (Bustrexx RMX) (Free)

20. Bustrexx & XentriX – End Days (Dub)

21. Feint – Clockwork Hearts (Bustrexx RMX) (Free)

22. Bustrexx – A World Apart (Free)

23. Bustrexx – I Might Be Wrong (Free)

24. bTec – Distance (Bustrexx RMX) (Dub)

25. Bustrexx & Wave – What We Found (Dub)

26. Fuzion Ft.Cat Martin – Cold hands (Bustrexx RMX) (Dub)

27. Bustrexx – Relfections Edge (Subsphere recs)

28. Bustrexx – Talisman (Subsphere recs)

29. Bustrexx – Arcane Heights (NuVenture Free)

30. Bustrexx – Your Faith (Free)

31. Bustrexx – Careless (Ft.LIGHTS – Siberia) (Free)

32. Bustrexx – Sky Lab (Supercool Music recs)

33. Zircon – Just Hold On (Bustrexx & Wave RMX Ft.Kirsty Tams) (DNBR Recs)

34. TwoThirds & Mealor – The Dreambook (Bustrexx RMX) (Dub)

35. Bustrexx – Late Night Blue (DLA Black)

36. Bustrexx – Wakefield (Free)

37. Bustrexx – A Common Element [instrumental] (Subsphere recs)

38. Bustrexx Ft.Tyron Webster – Rough Day (Free)

39. Bustrexx – Everybody’s Gone (Mindstorm Recs)

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