Yasmin – American Wedding (Frank Ocean cover)

In this rather special video, Yasmin has turned her stunning voice to one of my favourite tracks from Frank Ocean’s debut ‘Nostalgia, Ultra’. ‘American Wedding’ itself is a rework of The Eagles’ classic ‘Hotel California’, so it looks like we’re trapped in some sort of ‘cover-ception’… and I couldn’t be happier.

Featuring a simple acoustic guitar accompaniment and her breath-taking voice, the Scottish singer/songwriter smashes it here, bringing an additional dimension to an already sublime track. A thought did 0ccur to me in watching this video – what if Frank Ocean and Yasmin were to collaborate? That would be amazing.

In other news, Yasmin’s single ‘Light Up (The World)’ is due out in the next week or so, and you can read Soundhall’s post on that in more depth HERE. These two acts broke through in 2011; only time will tell what this year will bring them. I’m expecting big things.

Yasmin’s voice and Ocean’s lyrics were always going to be a winning combination, check out ‘American Wedding’ below…

‘Light Up (The World)’ is due out on 15th January on Ministry of Sound, you can pre-order it from iTunes HERE.


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