King Charles – LoveBlood

Here’s the brand new single from indie-rocker and MTV Brand New for 2012 shortlistee King Charles, entitled ‘LoveBlood’.

I’m not going to lie, I was a little apprehensive prior to listening to this. After only being recently introduced to this guy’s music, there seemed to be a fair bit of hype around him. And nine times out of ten, that’s just a curse. There is the omnipresent danger that said artist will be cast off into the abyss along with that massive pile of unsold records and their own dissatisfaction. Added to the fact that indie and guitar music has been generally absent from the blog thus far, I felt that this would have to be a pretty special track.

But thankfully, King Charles lives up to the expectations. Despite the man bearing a striking resembalance Darwin Deez, this particular track’s summery-sound is the perfect soundtrack to those looking to escape the dreariness of the British winter. Harmonies, melodic guitar riffs, it’s all there. Cracker of a track this is.

‘LoveBlood’ is released on 22nd January 2012.


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