Clock Opera – Once And For All

Released last night, here is the rather incredible video for the brand new single from London four-piece Clock Opera, entitled ‘Once And For All’. It’s taken off of their forthcoming debut album ‘Ways To Forget’, which is due out on the 9th April this year.

I can safely say that this is one of the most powerful songs I’ve heard in a while, with an anthemic sound that is reminiscent of an amalgamation of Sigur Rós, Elbow and Snow Patrol at their respective peaks. Featuring jangling piano riff, a driving drum beat and inspirational lyrics, the track is one which never fails to evoke feelings from within the deepest part of you, no matter how many times you listen. The video is equally incredible, sublimely made and exceptionally moving – kudos to Ben Strebel for making this wonderful piece of art.

I was only introduced to these guys recently, and I have to say that I can definitely now class myself in their rapidly growing fan-base. Their brand of electro-indie is winning the hearts and ears of listeners everywhere – so these guys are definitely one to watch in the coming 12 months.

Take a look at the video for ‘Once And For All’ below, there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

You can pre-order Clock Opera’s debut album ‘Ways To Forget’ from iTunes HERE.


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