The Weeknd – D.D.

Sorry, I’m a bit slow on the uptake here. But I mean seriously, I couldn’t go a day further without sharing this ridiculously awesome track, courtesy of one of the most hyped men in the industry right now – Canada’s very own, The Weeknd. It’s his rather epic cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘Dirty Diana’, which was the lead track on his recently released mixtape ‘Echoes of Silence’.

The Weeknd, real name Abel Tesfaye, has absolutely smashed it here, bringing his own unique style of dark, ominous R&B to a classic track and an artist that is generally considered ‘uncoverable’. Massive drums, tight production and a swelling string arrangment provide the foundations for this guy’s exceptional vocal performance. In the past, there have been parallels drawn between MJs and this guy’s voice – and that comparison definitely stands up here. I don’t mean to patronise or cheapen this guy by likening to him to another artist; quite the opposite. If you’re seen as being on a par with Michael Jackson, you’ve got fucking talent.

The release of ‘Echoes of Silence’ marked the end to a quite brilliant 2011 for The Weeknd – a year which saw the release of his free mixtape trilogy, a feature of Drake’s smash album ‘Take Care’ and acclaim from all corners of the scene. A monstrous year indeed, but I’m expecting even bigger things next year. With the re-release of the trilogy, “remastered for you to collect with bonus features”, it looks like this guy is definitely the heir to MJs throne.

Take a listen to D.D below and grab your free download of the entire ‘Echoes of Silence’ mixtape HERE. Yes.


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