JME – 96 Fuckries

Dropped earlier tonight, here is the video for Boy Better Know founder JME’s latest single ’96 Fuckries’, due to be released on 15th January.

The track itself is a pure demonstration of JME’s position as one of the best on the scene – he doesn’t rely on a hook or chorus to make this one a banger: just a deep beat, his impeccable flow and his lyrics make this one a proper tune. Video-wise it’s a fairly simple affair, just him and a camera – but it damn well works.

After recently featuring on Lethal Bizzle’s latest single ‘Leave It Yeah’, it looks as though this guy’s work ethic is up there with the best of them. Also, you’ve got to admire the guy who comes up with lyrics like these:

“MCs think they’re raising the bar
By spitting on 14 genres a day?
Safe, Raising the bar makes it easier for me to score anyway!”

96 bars of pure grime, check out the video below…


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