Fytch – Winter Wind VIP (feat. Carmen Forbes)

Released last night, here’s the latest track from 16 year-old dubstep maestro Fytch, the VIP for one of his earlier tracks ‘Winter Wind’, featuring his frequent collaborator Carmen Forbes.

He released the original back in February of last year, and after gaining almost a year of invaluable experience in producing top-class tracks, he’s come up with this improved version, and it has a very different feel to the original. You can tell that this is a far more mature effort from Fytch, it’s far less ‘filthy’ and exudes a much darker atmosphere and with far deeper and complex basslines. The drum beat has also been tidied up a considerable amount, making this a much better listen. There is a little debate in the YouTube video’s comments section as to which version is better but for me there’s no doubt.

At only 16 years old, it looks like this guy’s future is ridiculously bright. He’s not following the crowd either – he’s found his own uniquely brilliant style and has stuck to it. After having already released his single ‘Raindrops’ on Borgore’s label and with his forthcoming single ‘Wake Up’ also due to be released on there, he’s already making waves. Oh, and he’s doing a little Soundhall 180 for you all soon. How’s that for size?

Take a listen to the ‘Winter Wind VIP’ below, it’s only a preview for just now unfortunately. Release details for this to come in the near future.


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