SBTRKT – Ride To Freedom

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of SBTRKT’s music. His self-titled debut album, which dropped earlier this year, was one hell of a record – and he’s just dropped some brand new material.

Released on his official Soundcloud page yesterday, ‘Ride To Freedom’ is the B-Side to ‘Hold On’, the latest single of his to be released on the Young Turks record label. This guy’s has smashed it once again with an almost oriental vibe, mixed with synths and production that sound like they’re taken straight from the year 2050. His style is somehow minimalist despite the complex layers and levels of instruments that make up the music – it’s that kind of paradox that makes SBTRKT so freaking special. One of the pioneers of the ‘post-dubstep’ sound.

One of the breakthrough acts of 2011, the masked producer remains one of electronic music’s most exciting prospects. He’s one a bunch of plaudits in the last twelve months and it doesn’t look like he’s going to stop here. Check out ‘Ride To Freedom’ below and be sure to grab the ‘Hold On’ single when it comes out, which is supposedly set to include a ‘very special remix’. Watch this space.


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