An Interview With… Gabrielle Aplin

Here’s a brand new interview for you all, this time with the rather lovely and incredibly talented Here’s a brand new interview for you all – an insight into the mind of the rather lovely and ridiculously talented Gabrielle Aplin.

The Bath-born singer/songwriter has been making waves in the past couple of years, with her sensational YouTube covers coupled with her unique brand of magical folk/pop… And this is just the beginning for the 19 year-old. We stopped to have a chat with Gabrielle about her humble beginnings, her dream collaboration as well as her forthcoming EP. Enjoy…


– Hi! Why don’t you introduce yourself to all those out there who haven’t heard of you before…?

I’m Gabrielle Aplin and I write folk/pop music!

– You started off uploading videos to YouTube back in 2008 with that incredible Paramore cover, but what originally gave you the inspiration to do that?

I didn’t set out to upload videos to my YouTube in the hope I’d get views and a fan-base through it. I recorded that cover at school i was so young and it was for a friend, i just uploaded the video as a way of sharing it as I didn’t have email. I still thought about uploading my music to the internet but i didn’t really have anything to kickstart it, and i suppose that cover was what gave me the confidence to continue uploading.

– At what point did you decide that you wanted to do music as a career? 

I never really decided, it more just happened as opportunities arose. I dropped out of sixth form less than a week in to concentrate on writing and gigging and it’s starting to definitely pay off.

– Since then your fanbase has grown at a ridiculous amount, can you attribute this to one single thing or was it just sheer hard work that paid off?

I think it’s down to lots of small things that all add up. But the biggest factor as silly as it sounds is manners. There are lots of people who go onto my social network sites and compliments me, share stories, ask questions, buy my music etc etc… and you always have to thank these people directly as they are the most important people of your career.

– Speaking of hard work in the music industry, what are your thoughts on people who enter into the X Factor?

I think X factor is great for certain artists and a great platform.

– What would you say has been the best experience you’ve had so far in your music career?

Touring is always amazing. I love travelling to new places and meeting new people!

– So you’ve got an EP coming out in January… what’s it called and what should we expect from it? Does it differ from your last release?

It’s called Home! In terms of style is pretty similar, but in my honest opinion the songs are better. I’ve found a close group of people i enjoy working with and making my music with that there’s a continuity throughout the EP. I also have live musicians on this EP so I think it’s more organic and a bit more accurate. I played nearly all the instruments on the last EP and it’s sometimes frustrating when there’s a limit to your ability to play a certain instrument and it compromises the song.

– Less than two weeks after you released the official video for ‘Home’ it’s already got over 130,000 views without any outside promotion. First of all, that’s mental and I would very much like to congratulate you on that. Secondly, how excited does this make you for the EP release? I’m excited just writing about it…

I’m really excited! Not because I’m expecting it to do well, but just to hear what people think! There are a lot of different styles on it.

– How would you describe your sound in just 3 words?

Organic, lyrical, folk/pop!

– What songs are you listening to at the moment?

Which Will – Nick Drake, My Dad’s House – Bruce Springsteen, The Fear – Ben Howard

– Who would be your dream collaboration?

Bon Iver would be amazing.

– Have you got any advice for aspiring young singer/songwriters who want to follow in your footsteps?

Listen to lots of music, write lots of music, play lots of music and share lots of music!

– You must get asked this a lot, but when can we expect a full-length record from yourself?

In the first half of next year. I think it’s important to have a set date, but at the same time I don’t want to rush.

– When and where can your fans see you live next year?

I’m touring the UK and Ireland in March 🙂

– You’ve been nominated in the final 10 of Soundhall’s Stars of 2012, but what does next year really hold for you?

I know, it’s lovely that people think highly enough of me to do that! Just more touring, writing, and releasing!

– You’ve got this little space below to plug anything that you want to… Go!

That’s it, I’m very thankful to Gabrielle for taking time to do this, go and show her some love on the video for ‘Home’. It’s spectacularly stunning.

You can pre-order Gabrielle’s ‘Home’ EP from iTunes HERE.

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