Korn – Burn The Obedient (feat. Noisia)

Right. This isn’t normally my cup of tea… Korn actually scare me a little bit. But I’ve swallowed some courage and taken on listening to their new dubstep-influenced album ‘The Path of Totality”. After being pleasantly surprised that no axe-wielding murderers want to attack me, I chose this massive track as my favourite – the Noisia-produced ‘Burn The Obedient’.

This record has been a ridiculously controversial one – Korn fans didn’t want them to move to dubstep, and dubstep fans didn’t want them. So they were left with a quandary – where to go? They stuck their collective middle finger up and produced beasts like this – a powerful beast of a track that will make you want to kick kittens in the face and punch holes in walls. Not that I’m advocating that kind of behaviour. The tight-sounding production of Noisia is clearly evident here: deep, dark basslines and a jump-up dubstep beat.

We’re back to that whole ‘dubstep isn’t how it used to be’ debate once again. And I really hate that debate. This is just another natural progression in the sound of a genre which is growing by the drop.


One response to “Korn – Burn The Obedient (feat. Noisia)

  1. Funny that, this is the second Korn dubstep track I heard today, despite last listening to these guys a good half a decade ago… Was quite a shock to hear that they’re into dubstep now!
    The one I heard today was Narcissistic Cannibal; admittedly, it’s pretty decent! I loves me a bit of Skrillex 😀 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUOlc_j4rMA

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