Steve Aoki feat. Rivers Cuomo – Earthquakey People (Alvin Risk Remix)

Here’s US producer Alvin Risk’s massive remix of Steve Aoki’s new single ‘Earthquakey People’, which was released on Tuesday as a part of the official remix package.

After having toured with Skrillex and his fan base increasing by the day, it looks like big times ahead for the electronic producer. Not one to be pigeonholed, Risk travels across multiple styles and genres of electro music, from dubstep to Moombahton and his own god-forsaken concoction of anything and everything. And you know what? It all works. I love how every time he produces a new track, it sounds so drastically different to the last one.

In this particular effort, he chops up and expertly uses the vocals of Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo and lays them across a fast paced dubstep beat – the kind that is impossible not to skank out to.

Ridiculously huge effort once again from one of the freshest producers in the game right now.

You can download the ‘Earthquakey People’ EP (which includes this remix) from iTunes right HERE.


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