Arctic Monkeys – Evil Twin

I’m a bit slow on the uptake here, but here is some new material from one of the top British bands of the last decade, the incredible Arctic Monkeys.

This new track was released as the B-Side to their latest single, ‘Suck It And See’ taken from the album of the same name. ‘Evil Twin’ (not included on the record) is a much heavier than most songs on the album, the driving bassline and uptempo drums are slightly reminiscent of ‘Library Pictures’ – which is definitely one of my favourites from the record. I’m not sure if the boys are spending an extortionate amount of time around their buddy Miles Kane, but this sounds like it could have been written and included in his debut ‘Colour of The Trap’. And that’s not exactly a bad thing.

I saw these guys live last week, and can tell that this little ditty will slot perfectly into their high energy show – which they have just taken to arenas up and down the country.

There was a lot of uncertainty in the run-up to the Arctic’s fourth studio album earlier this year, due to the inconsistent quality of ‘Humbug’, but all fears have been quashed. ‘Suck It and See’ is one of the most accomplished records I’ve heard all year; a natural development of a band who have such sublime talent.

Take a listen to ‘Evil Twin’ below and enjoy.


2 responses to “Arctic Monkeys – Evil Twin

  1. I’m disappointed at myself for not having bothered to listen to this track before! I had heard of it of course, but I’m not quite sure why I never listened. Perhaps I was slightly anxious about it being not up to their usual standard? Either way, this is brilliant! I have missed the trademark upbeat-ness that the Monkeys of the Arctic normally provide us with and I agree with the similarity of this to tracks like Library Pictures. Brilliant tracks from a brilliant album of a brilliant band šŸ˜€

    • I missed the craziness of the first two albums when I listened to Humbug. I convinced myself that they had changed and were no longer the same people who made the incredible tracks of the first album like When The Sun Goes Down. But after listening to Suck It And See, it all seems to make much more sense.. I think Humbug was just them trying something new and different and I’ve learnt to love them for it.

      I love this song/album/the Arctics in general.

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